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6 Healthy Munchies For Stoners

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It’s long been known that cannabis has an incredible ability to stimulate the appetite, and a good smoke session is often followed by a fast food run or a trip to the pantry for some snacks. But one does not live by junk food alone, so we decided to explore some options for healthy munchies for stoners. And to do so, we sought the help of Nurse Heather Manus.

Meet Nurse Heather

Heather Manus is a registered nurse and former medical director of a medicinal cannabis dispensary. She has been a cannabis nurse, which she defines as a nurse who understands the endocannabinoid system, since 2009. She is a founding member of the Cannabis Nurses Network and opened the first licensed cannabis infusion facilities in New Mexico and Arizona to provide smokeless options to patients. Nurse Heather is currently based in Southern California, where she continues her activism and is the founder of Nature Nurse Health.

She has long believed in Hippocrates’ adage ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ and sees cannabis as both. She says that once many people begin using cannabis medicinally, they also take a greater interest in their overall health, including diet. Nurse Heather is an educator at heart and has experience helping people make better food choices. She created this list of healthy munchies for stoners just for High Times.


For those that reach for candy when they’re high, Nurse Heather suggests trying fruit instead. Packed with fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and terpenes, fruit goes great with cannabis. Mangoes, for example, have the terpene myrcene and can extend or elevate the high for some people. Those who smoke their cannabis might be lacking in certain vitamins including Vitamin C, so fruit is a natural way to supplement your nutrient intake.


Nuts have a satisfying crunch and with their small size are easy to portion out sensibly. They are high in Vitamin B-6, fiber, and have omega fatty acids for brain and circulatory health. It is believed that some healthy fatty acids can help the body better utilize cannabis. Nurse Heather notes that cashews can enhance mood and help with depression.

Dark Chocolate

Satisfy cravings with dark chocolate containing 72 percent cacao or higher for a healthier option. Full of antioxidants and beneficial terpenes, cacao has components similar to anandamide that activate the same CB1 receptors as cannabis. That makes it a healthy mood booster and explains why some avid cannabis users are chocoholics as well.


Nurse Heather recommends yogurt for healthy munchies for stoners prone to snacking on ice cream or pudding. It’s a probiotic food that is good for gut health and has calcium and B vitamins. It can also be a tasty and creamy dip for fruit or pretzels instead of fattier options.

Dried or Dehydrated Fruit, Berries, or Veggies

Try these as a substitute for potato chips or even vegetable chips, which are usually fried and salted with a lot of added fat and sodium and have fewer nutrients. Dried fruits and vegetables retain more of their nutrients and still have flavor and crunch.

Water or Coconut Water

Nurse Heather reminds everyone to stay “highdrated” and suggests these options instead of sodas and juices. Research has determined that cannabis users have more problems with their oral and dental health than the general population. When a person has dry mouth, they don’t have enough saliva necessary for good oral health. So, cannabis users should drink water to relieve cottonmouth. Coconut water is another great choice because it has electrolytes and nutrients.


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