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DiscoverCannabis Strain Review: Hashberry

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DiscoverCannabis strain in review:Hashberry


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The smell and taste of this weed is unbelievable – like pure organic raspberries and blackberries that have been crushed in your hands. Other online reviews call Hashberry

The viagara of cannabis strains‘!.

Parent lineage of ‘Hashberry’:

North Indian

‘North Indian / Indica’

Hashberry comes from great desirable parents, one of which contains land-race genetics from Kashmir, North India – home to generations of great hashish. This mostly indica strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor climates, performing best out in nature in the latitudes between 45 degrees North and South, and in climates that have a dry autumn season. Indoors, this variety does well in all grow systems, including sea of green.

Voted Strain of the Year by
High Times Magazine in 2006

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Its thick stems are necessary to support the heavy buds, providing a classic aroma and flavor of mint or pepper. Hashberry carries an extremely heavy main cola that dominates the plant structure and contributes to her above average yields. The cola offers a delicious aroma, and an old school high and taste.

Hashberry is perfect when used to relax and unwind in the evening, or to alleviate stress and pain.

The effects begin swiftly and slowly plateau to the “mellow” phase.

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As the name suggets, Hashberry is a great variety for the hashish fan. The high starts out very clear and builds slowly into a classic chill-out vibe with a relaxing, and balanced head-body effect. Toward the end, a more body-oriented phase sets in that nevertheless leaves you able to be social and active.


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