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How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

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Edibles have become more and more popular, especially amongst medical patients. Smoking cannabis is never the healthiest of options. And when you’re consuming cannabis chiefly for health reasons, you might want to stay completely away from combustion.


But a lot of people also use edibles for recreational purposes. They’ll provide you with a longer-lasting and stronger high. Independently of why you’re using them, the time it takes edibles to kick-in is their greatest downfall. For recreational users, one must simply plan ahead a bit. But for medical patients, it might mean waiting a couple of hours for relief. Depending on one’s condition and symptoms, this interim can be excruciating. Medicine isn’t supposed to take that long. Generally, edibles will hit within 1–2 hours, but this can vary dramatically based on a variety of factors.

So, in case you’re making your own edibles or have access to quality-controlled, premade varieties, here are a few tips and tricks to get those edibles to kick-in faster.


Eating an edible on an empty stomach will definitely help it hit sooner. This is simply because your digestive system will have nothing else to process besides the edible you just had. But for the inexperienced user, this can be a disadvantage. Having the only calories in your body come from a single brownie will not help you handle your high.

An empty stomach is why many people have unpleasant experiences with weed, whether in smokable or edible form. You should only go for this technique if you’re an experienced edible consumer and know what you’re doing. With this in mind, make sure to take it slow and not bite off more than you can chew, so to speak.

Tincture Cannabis


As a way to sidestep the digestion process, you can ingest cannabis orally via a tincture. A few drops sublingually (under the tongue) will do wonders and hit much faster. Although this method is similar to taking an edible, it allows for greater control over dosing and a shorter duration of effects.

Edibles have to go through the stomach, intestines, and liver before ending up in the bloodstream. Tinctures, on the other hand, allow for cannabinoids to make their way straight to the bloodstream, without the tedious waiting period. Again, while this method facilitates a faster onset of effects, the high will also fade away much quicker. This is because fat-based edibles release cannabinoids much slower.


Like a traditional brownie, a drink still has to go through all the stages of your digestive system. But being a liquid, it’ll go through these faster. Also, drinks are a very discreet option that are great for being on-the-go.

Whether you’re making your own or buying premade products, cannabis will work extremely well with coffeetea, sodas, and even juices. Whatever you like, there’ll be a way to infuse it and get you high. Just make sure that it’s a healthy beverage if you’re using it as a regular means of consumption.

Infused Cannabis


One last thing you can try is to temporarily increase your metabolism. This plays an extremely important role in how fast you process all your food, including edibles. There are always things you can do on a daily basis to help boost your metabolic rate. Exercising, drinking a lot of water, and eating protein are all vital habits that you should be engaging in regardless. Now, you can do it for your love of weed too!

But if all of this isn’t enough, after you’ve taken the edible, there are a few more things that can help your brownie take action. Coffee and green tea have been reported to aid in this process as their chemistry naturally increases metabolism.


Source: How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster – RQS Blog

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