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The Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes For Canadians

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Why wait for a holiday or birthday to get a surprise gift, when you can get one every month?

Subscription boxes have worked so well for the beauty, sock, wine and cheese industry that cannabis companies are hopping on the train to offer customers a curated box of accessories every month, straight to their doorstep.

Here’s six of the best cannabis accessory subscription boxes that ship to Canada.

Allume Chill Box, from $66.66 CAD/month

Not only is Allume the rare subscription company that doesn’t charge a currency conversion fee, it’s also women-founded. The cute, minimalist products are perfect for the person in your life who’s uninterested in the typical headshop gear. Depending on your commitment level, the box ranges from $70 for a one-time box, or $66 if you pre-pay for three to six months. You get five to eight items with a retail value of up to $150, which range from rolling papers, lip balms, candles and ceramics, all handpicked from indie companies. Shipping is free on orders over $100. Shop here.

Canndora, from $66.66/USD box

Canndora is another women-founded and -run subscription box company, but unlike Allume, it ships out a box worth $125 of gear only three times a year: November, March and July. You can prepay $200 for all three boxes, including shipping, or pay $70 for a seasonal subscription plus shipping. You get high-quality, female-friendly products like quartz pipes, necklaces featuring the THC molecule and roll-on scents, all designed to incite jealousy on your Insta-feed. Shop it here.

Kush Cargo, from $31 USD/month*

Kush Cargo offers four subscription options, which sadly offer a retail value of equal or less than the price Canadian customers will pay after conversion and shipping fees. But read on if you’re still into the element of surprise and sweet swag: The basic Carry On package starts at $31 a month. For $50 a month, the OG Cargo package delivers $55 value in bubblers, papers, lighters and limited edition items from popular brands. For $130 a month, you can sign on for the First Class Cargo, which promises at least $130 retail value, with a guaranteed glass item in each package, as well as dab gear, if you choose. Shop it here.

Daily High Club, from $4.25 USD a month*

Formerly the Dollar High Club, this subscription service’s winning feature is its low-entry point. Their All-Natural bundle is just $4.25 with supplies to keep you blazing all month long. The next available tier is the Connoisseur, $23, with seven to nine items mostly for rolling, and then the El Primo option, at $41 with $80 worth of product, including new glass. Shop it here.

Cannabox, from $26 USD/month*

Cannabox goes beyond weed and enters nerd heaven by including stuff with a pop culture twist — think Snoop Dog mad libs. Each box delivers six to nine fun and cheeky essentials, gear and novelty items for $28. Committing to a six-month subscription gets the price down to $25.88. Every box includes a t-shirt, which is nice for people who don’t like to do laundry. Shop it here.

420 Goody Box, from $19 USD/month*__

The Loot Pack gets you four to eight basic items per month, for the rollers and smokers. The next step-up is their popular Goody Box, starting at $38, for a six-month pre-paid subscription. This includes five to nine snacks, novelty gear, magazines, along with a vape pen or a piece of glass. High rollers can opt for the Top Shelf package for $150. These subscribers get bigger, better glass and vape accessories, and seven to 13 items a month equaling $150 to $250 retail value. Shop it here.

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