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5 Ways To Stay Productive While High

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Because society’s attitude towards cannabis is changing and it is becoming a medicine of choice for various ailments, both physical and mental, more and more people are making cannabis consumption a part of their daily routine. Even though using cannabis is more acceptable nowadays, being a functional member of society (working, attending class, etc.) while being high still carries a certain stigma with it. Whether you’re using it for medicinal or recreational purposes, it can be quite challenging not to get distracted by its psychological or physical effects. That being said, there are a few things to consider that will help you stay on track and be productive.


If you don’t want to lose control over your day-to-day assignments by being high, it’s important to be well organised. Make your tasks and obligations a priority. Create to-do lists and stay focused on tasks ahead. It’s ok to take a break and get high but be careful not to fall into a procrastination trap. You’ll easily get couch locked while you’re under influence so remember to keep moving and complete every task you set yourself for that day. Your high will feel so much more rewarding when there’s no unfinished business hanging over your head. Willpower is the key.


Determining your tolerance level is crucial if you want to be high and engaged in daily activities. Not everyone has the same tolerance level when it comes to cannabis and with increasing variety of cannabis hybrids being made, weed has never been stronger. So it’s important to know how strong your cannabis is and what kind of effect it has on you. After that, you can dose it accordingly so your high suits the occasion.


Sativa and indica are two major strains you can choose from, and they are often combined to make powerful hybrids. There is a whole range of cannabis hybrids fine-tuned for meeting every user’s needs. Sativa-dominant strains are the go-to strains when you need an energetic and uplifting high that increases your focus and creativity. Effects of indica dominant strains are somewhat opposite. They are often used as painkillers, as a way of relieving stress or promoting better sleep. So if you’re in a position of being able to choose your strains, make sativa dominant strains your choice for daily activities and heavy indicas for when you want to unwind at the end of the day and get some good night’s sleep.


Keeping a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly is very beneficial for those who toke on a daily basis. When consumed over a long period of time, cannabis can sometimes make you feel exhausted and hungover. Exercise will speed up your metabolism and help you stay active, and a healthy diet will boost your immune system and keep your metabolic functions in balance.


If you are not a medical marijuana patient, it is perfectly fine to take an occasional break from cannabis. Many long-term cannabis users develop tolerance and getting high becomes quite difficult. So clearing your head for a few days or weeks can be rewarding. It resets your tolerance and makes your cannabis experience more enjoyable. Don’t let cannabis becomes just a habit, make every high worthwhile.

Whether you’re a recreational user or a use weed for therapeutic means, cannabis doesn’t have to be a distraction from the jobs you want to get done; in fact, it can be a great aid! In time, you’ll get more accustomed to the feeling of being high and still going about your day. With a few simple rules and a strong willpower, you can be very productive and still retain the enjoyable experience of consuming cannabis. It is another great way to remove the stigma from cannabis users and point out its many benefits.


Source: 5 Ways To Stay Productive While High – RQS Blog

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