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7 ways to consume cannabis you never knew existed

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Medical cannabis has come a long way since it’s beginning way back in California’s Proposition 215. In under 20 years, 22 more states including the District of Columbia and Guam have enacted similar laws on medical cannabis. It’s no surprise that “ganjapreneurs” in the industry stated as the “Fastest growing in the United States” by The Huffington Post  have already developed creative new ways to consume the plant without smoking it. These methods range far and wide with hundreds of different cannabis products available. Here are 7 hand-selected brands with unique products that are worth checking out.

Keef Cola: The real KO?


Any experienced stoner knows a kief topped bowl can lay you on the couch all night. Keef Cola is known to give users the same punch. Each Bottle of Keef Cola is properly measured with a 100mg active THC dose. Effects can be felt just minutes after consumption due to their unique plant to bottle process. In addition to cannabis, each bottle also contains Vitamin C and B-3-6-12 for a nutritional boost. Available in a variety of different drink flavors such as Blue Dream, Orange Kush, Cherry Bomb, and Rootbeer, there’s sure to be a cola to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Learn more at

Med-a-mints: Altoids of the Cannabis industry?


This “Melt-In-Your-Mouth Medicine” was created by a couple whose goal was to deliver medicine that is potent, pure, and delicious. Founded in 2009, Med-a-mints has had many years to master their product. Designed to alkalize, detoxify, and nourish your body, Med-a-mints are a healthy and safe way to get high. Vanilla, green tea, ginger, and cinnamon are just a few examples of the different blends of synergistic herbs and spices used to make this product. Each individual mint contains a precise dose of 10mg active THC. When ingested sublingually it can deliver a high comparable to some 50-100mg edibles. To find out more about these amazing mints and their potency, go to


Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea: Just the cup to cheer you up



Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Company

Whether you’ve just crawled out of bed or you’ve been stuck in it all day, Mad Hatter’s got the cup for you. Start your day with a sativa blended coffee for the perfect pick-me-up. Not a coffee drinker? Check out their variety of teas available in flavors such as chai, lemon, and berry fruit. If that nasty cold you’ve had is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, the indica infused teas may be the perfect solution. With individual packages dosed from 40mg-160mg activated THC, Mad Hatter is sure to have a taste and potency that you’ll fancy. Find your cup


Marys Medicinals: Modern day medicine 

Mary's Medicinals

Best known for their development of the award winning transdermal patch, Mary’s Medicinals also offers a few other unique ways to consume cannabis. Mary’s Medicinals really focuses on using every medical benefit the plant has to offer, so many of their products contain only CBDs or a high amount of CBDs. This part of the plant delivers no actual head high, only the medical benefits people who are sick or in pain are looking for. Mary’s meds even resemble modern day pharmaceutical delivery methods, offering products in the form of capsules, transdermal gel pens, topical cremes, and transdermal patches. All of these products are ideal for those who seek the relief cannabis provides but don’t necessarily like to smoke it. Learn more at

Mountain High Lozenges and Suckers: Not your typical hard candy


Usually when you think of hard candies you picture a child holding some sort of sugary sweet. Mountain High has raised the bar with their cannabis infused suckers and lozenges. Every piece of candy is infused with a high percentage of CBDs as well as the proper dose of THC.  Being that these candies are also sublingually ingested, some users can feel effects within 15 minutes. They have a reputation for their mouth-watering flavors, which include pineapple-coconut, spicy orange-mango, and caramel apple. To see additional flavors and information go to


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