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Making Your Own Cannabis Gummies at Home

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Heard about gummy bear candies? Or perhaps you’ve tasted and eaten a few. Well, turning your cannabis into gummies is pretty easy, and we have the straightforward recipe for you to make it happen. There’s just something about these sweet treats most people just can’t get enough of, so make some for your self and eat your self into a deeply relaxing, sweet, couchlock.


Easy Storage

There are a lot of reasons cannabis gummies are a great way to get you going into your weed session. But one of the best things about it is the convenience it gives you. You can easily store it anywhere without having to worry about if it’ll be damaged or contaminated.

Store it in your fridge as long as you want. You won’t risk it from spoiling anytime soon as it’s just like candy. The only thing that makes it different is that it’ll get you high.

When you’re ready to munch on them, simply get them out of the fridge and place enjoy. It’s as simple as eating candy, literally.

Marijuana Gummies

Manageable Dosing

If you’re particular with the cannabis dose you’re taking, then making cannabis gummies is essential. It makes dosing manageable because each serving has its own amount of weed. This is an effective way to limit your consumption and make sure you don’t over do it.

Discreet Usage

Cannabis gummies are an excellent way to dose while on the go. They are small, inconspicuous and easy to eat. Just make sure that friends and family don’t see you eating sweets and ask for some of their own! Unless you are willing to share, of course.


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