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Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and How I Fought Them on Vacation

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After a year filled with work and smaller trips to several places that have a friendly outlook towards cannabis, it was about that time to go to some distant country with annoyingly strict cannabis laws and even less access to weed.

Yes, we took an early vacation and went to Turkey as we’ve heard that their beaches are nice, their beer is even nicer and their service is simply impeccable.

All of the above said was true, but the one thing that I wanted to know was how hard are marijuana withdrawal symptoms gonna hit me?

I found out, to my misfortune, that smoking daily for a prolonged period of time and then abruptly stopping is not a great way to start your vacation.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Just like any other drug, marijuana has certain side effects when you stop using it. Those side effects are called marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

According to a person is experiencing marijuana withdrawal once he is exhibiting at least three of the following symptoms:

  • Nervousness
  • Anger/aggression/irritability
  • Insomnia/bad dreams
  • Restlessness
  • Weight loss/decreased appetite
  • Depression
  • Significant discomfort caused by chills, sweating, shakiness, headache, or stomach pain

Additional withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Fatigue.
  • Problems concentrating.
  • Yawning,
  • Rebound periods of increased appetite after a loss of appetite.
  • Rebound periods of hypersomnia after insomnia.

As for myself, I take cannabis to help with relaxation and my appetite as sometimes I just don’t have any appetite at all. At other times I eat really much and weed helps me eat less, so it’s very weird.

During my trip, I’ve experienced aggression, irritability, insomnia, sweating, and shakiness. I had no problems eating at all.

How I dealt with withdrawal symptoms

So, how did everything start? Well, it started on the morning of the trip, or better yet — the night before.

The night before I was scheduled to fly out I found out I don’t have any weed in my apartment and I wasn’t gonna have any that night or the morning after because my supplier was out of town.

So, the morning of my flight we headed towards the airport and I was doing alright.

I wasn’t nervous or anxious, I was just preoccupied with the trip.

I had this feeling for a while until we got to the hotel and settled around 4 pm Turkish time.

At that point, I haven’t smoked the whole evening and night before, and most of that day. So naturally, by the end of the day, as soon as we finished dinner, I wanted to smoke.

But I couldn’t, as I didn’t have any weed on me, and somewhere in my mind, I’ve already made peace with the thought that I won’t be smoking these 10 days.

weed vacation

Because of this, I haven’t felt nervous or anxious as many people say you will feel once you stop smoking cannabis.

I’ve got to say, marijuana withdrawal symptoms are not what I thought. There isn’t as much lashing out as you would think there would be and you aren’t as irritable as one might think.

We had paid for an Ultra All Inclusive arrangement with one of the best hotels in Belek, a Turkish city known for its lavish hotels and beautiful golf courses.

This arrangement made it so that we could eat and drink anything we wanted at just about any time, so cocktails and beer were widely available to me.

So, I decided to trade away my marijuana addiction for a short case of summer alcoholism.

Well, this turned out to be a bad call because the mix of all the alcohol, heat, the sun, and marijuana withdrawal symptoms kicked in just as I got in my bed.

Guys let me tell you, I wasn’t able to sleep almost all night.

I was sweating buckets and turning from one side to another. My whole pillow was soaking wet so I changed it twice.

sweating buckets

The next morning I “woke up”, even though I didn’t really sleep at all, and I felt like garbage.

That whole day my body was aching and I wasn’t in the mood for anything. I wasn’t in bad mood, I just wasn’t in any mood.

Luckily for myself, I had an abundance of food and alcohol offered on just about any corner so I didn’t hesitate to grab a beer or cocktail as soon as the previous one was half done.

The sweating and trouble sleeping lasted for a good two nights.

After the second night I didn’t have any more trouble sweating and sleeping at all, and I’ve also felt much better in general.

After the third night, I didn’t have any occurrences of anger and irritability. The whole withdrawal process lasted for 4 days, with the middle 2 days being most uncomfortable.

How bad is a marijuana withdrawal

Well, I haven’t felt any other withdrawal so far except for cigarettes, but I can surely say that marijuana withdrawal is much easier than nicotine withdrawal.

Other drugs have much stronger withdrawal symptoms, especially opioids, and detoxing from some other drugs can even kill you.

Cannabis really has by far the weakest and easiest withdrawal to go through when compared to other drugs because you don’t think about getting high all the time.

I had a very easy time breaking my smoking patterns for 2 reasons:

  1. I had alcohol and food available so if I got nervous I’d just start drinking or eating;
  2. I had my time organized by the hotel and my girlfriend. I was expected to keep up with all the meals and the summer program;

Quitting cigarettes is different because you do it all the times, every 30 minutes or so, which is why weed is different.

Not being able to smoke a joint in the evening was annoying for the first 3 days of my vacation and then it got replaced with drinking Muay Thai’s at the beach bar.

So, all in all, marijuana withdrawal is no piece of cake but it’s definitely not even comparable to quitting cigarettes or detoxing from harder drugs.


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