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Storing Cannabis: How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

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Storing Cannabis: How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

Cannabis has come a long way from dime bags.

Legalization has opened up a whole world of stylish storage options, from jars and boxes to smell-proof bags and containers with child-proof locks.

Does it matter how you store your weed? Can weed go bad? Luckily, these are questions scientists and enthusiasts have dedicated a lot of time to answering.

Does cannabis go bad?

It definitely can. In November, Ontario cannabis producer RedeCan Pharm recalled more than 900 ounces of cannabis after a customer posted photos on Reddit of what appeared to be mould on some dried flower they purchased. RedeCan maintains the cannabis was rigorously inspected prior to shipping, and launched an investigation to determine what happened.

In November, Reddit user n1shh posted a photo of a moudly nug of RedeCan’s B.E.C. strain.

Mouldy weed can be caused by the same reasons old food gets mouldy: warmth, moisture and lack of air circulation. If stored properly, mould shouldn’t be a problem.

How can I recognize bad weed?

It’s important to thoroughly inspect your cannabis before you consume it. Look for little patches of mould or fuzzy bits, white, grey, yellow or brown discolouration throughout your flower, or a mildewy, gross smell. If you suspect it’s contaminated, don’t consume it.

What happens if I consume mouldy weed?

Smoking mouldy weed can pose serious health risks, including severe coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, headaches, itchy throat and mouth, or even the potential of a lung infection.

If you experience any of these and you think there’s a chance it may be due to compromised cannabis, make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible.

How should I store dried cannabis?

Cool, dark, dry and sealed is the name of the game. Direct light and heat can destroy cannabinoids and dry out the plant, resulting in a harsher smoke that gets you less high. Your best option is generally to store it in a glass jar with a sealed top in a relatively dark corner of your place, at room temperature. A glass with a sealed lid works better than a plastic bag because it allows for less oxidation — the same thing that makes food go bad faster.

How long will it last?

According to a study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, cannabinoids are “reasonably stable for one to two years” if stored at room temperature in a dry, dark, sealed container.

Should I freeze my weed?

So cool and dark is good for cannabis — and what’s cooler and darker than a freezer? Unfortunately, the extreme cold can make the trichomes — the crystals of THC on the outside of the dried flower — burst or fall off, decreasing the potency. Avoid the deep freeze unless you’re making a concentrate that requires it.

The fridge is not a great option either due to the increased moisture inside. Don’t overthink it! Your best bet is a cool, dark corner in your house.

What about other cannabis-infused products?

Unsurprisingly, the same rules about heat, light and moisture apply for keeping cannabis oils, concentrates and other infused products fresh. There is one small difference though: refrigerators and freezers are your friend when it comes to infusions — a well-made cannabis tincture will last almost indefinitely in either.

Edibles, however, will go bad at the rate you would expect them to — a brownie won’t stay any fresher because it has weed in it.

Any recommendations for containers?

Every head shop from Toronto to Tennessee will carry smell-proof, lock-tight, ultra-protective containers, but any kind of container that keeps food fresh will do the same trick for your cannabis.


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