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The benefits of ‘topping’ a Cannabis plant

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CANNABIS ‘Topping’? sounds torturous !

It’s not! Topping is the easy process of cutting off the top tip of the main stem of a cannabis plant. This is a high stress training technique is used by both indoor and outdoor cultivators. Cannabis grown naturally will take shape in almost Christmas tree like form; One dominant main cola with multiple side shoots taking in its fair share of sunlight during the day (or during lights on). Beginner growers must understand other methods like bend & secure, screen of green & super cropping before advancing to HST (high stress training)

Indoor cannabis plants that derives from a strain that is powdery mildew resistant will thrive under the topping method & increase your yield. The hormones from the 2 auxiliary buds below the topping cut will develop into 2 main colas, receiving the most canopy light penetration your plant loves very much.

When is a good time to top my Cannabis plant?

A general rule of thumb is to wait til the plant has 5+ nodes before topping. Use sterilized clippers & make a clean cut of the main stem about an inch above the 2 auxiliary buds. You can repeat this process with the 2 new main colas.  Give your plant 2-3 weeks of recovery time before doing anymore HST.

These growth nodes can become colas when exposed to light and air

Topping techniques should only be done during vegetative stage. Topping should never be done during flowering. Only light techniques like bend and secure can be used to help the plant to take a desired structure & form during this stage.


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