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5 Cannabis Strains For Getting Cozy on Cold Days

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As the days get ever shorter and temperatures drop, the temptation to hyggeit up indoors gets pretty strong.

Leaving the house after dark (or at all) becomes a bit of a hard sell. So, when the urge to just stay home is strong and the Himalayan salt lamp isn’t quite cutting it, there are plenty of cannabis strains that pair perfectly with indoor activities.

Behold, the best cannabis strains for lounging around on a cold day.

Kinky Kush

“When I think of chilling on the couch, I think of indica strains with a high THC,” said Caitlin O’Hara, who works in media relations at Canopy Growth. And, this powerful, piney strain certainly fits the bill. A high THC content: about 25-28%, means it will definitely put you on your ass if you’re having a hard time getting there yourself. This strain comes highly recommended by those with stressful jobs, and it’s affordable, too, from only $8 per gram.


This is the strain you pick for a shame-inducing Fitbit score. With a THC content ranging from 18-28%, this spicy, peppery indica is said to lull the body into a state that makes it feel like an actual part of the couch.


This charmingly-dubbed indica-dominant strain—sure to put a little grin on the faces of East Coasters—is known for its clean scent with notes of clove and pine, and mid-to-high range THC levels ranging from 16-25%. Some users say it leads to full-body ease accompanied by a feeling of clear-headedness.

Critical Mass

Many people who experience a lot of pain in their body say CBD provides them with rest and relief. This indica-dominant strain has a moderate THC level, at about 19-22% balanced by 2-7% CBD. This might be one to try if all your old injuries act up on cold damp days.

Blue Dream

While strong indicas are the resounding (anecdotal) preference for a chill time, this sativa-dominant hybrid is an exception. The popular strain balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration and is rich in pinene, known to promote alertness ideal for a full-day movie marathon.

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