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6 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Part of My Exercise Routine

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Cannabis consumption improves my exercise and fitness program and has provided me with surprising results. It has required some experimentation and ongoing research, but for me, cannabis has become a reliable pre- and post-workout tonic. So let’s smash some stereotypes, while I share the reasons and the techniques behind exercising with cannabis.

1. Micro-dosed Cannabis Helps with Focus

When I consume a small, measured dose of cannabis, my mind is relaxed and focused. In this relaxed mental state, anxiety and negative thinking recede and limitations are reduced. The times, distances and challenges that I might set for myself, when exercising, become easily obtainable and I can effortlessly achieve more. MICRO-DOSING relies on finding the minimum effective dose in the products that I sample.

2. Cannabis Helps Muscles Repair Faster

Cannabis strains that contain high levels of the active compound, cannabinoid (CBD) can offer pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits. Sore muscles from intense workouts had me consuming Ibuprofen for relief. Now, infused balms, tinctures and capsules offer a healthier, effective alternative. With assisted muscle recovery, I’m able to get back into training faster.

3. Consuming Cannabis Does Not Mean Getting High

Now that innovation is giving us the ability to extract CBD from cannabis, adding it to a daily pre or post-workout regime doesn’t mean you have to get high. CBD is a unique CANNABINOID and unlike THC does not contain the typically known psychoactive properties of cannabis. So if you are someone who is really nervous about feeling a strong, head high, while working out, CBD alone might be worth a try.

4. It Makes Gym Workouts Less Boring

Although I prefer a variety of outdoor exercise or classes, I usually end up at the gym. The treadmill and machines can be boring and I am constantly thinking… are we done yet? With the LESS IS MORE technique of micro-dosing, I can achieve just enough mind creativity and elation to distract from the task at hand, without feeling high and silly. I use an oil-based tincture, that is equal parts THC and CBD (1:1), placed under my tongue, 30 minutes before a workout.

5. It Boosts Metabolism and Aids With Weight Loss

This may be surprising to some but my cannabis consumption actually helps me stay slim. By being aware of different strains and cannabinoids and how they work, I can actually use cannabis to suppress my appetite. Of course, I am not immune to an attack of the munchies and there’s nothing wrong with that (cheat day!), but strains high in the cannabinoid  THCV, act as an appetite suppressant and may improve METABOLIC FUNCTION.

6. Professional Athletes are Doing It

As the positive effects of cannabis on athletic performance become more widespread and acknowledged, professional athletes are putting more pressure on organizations to lower bans on pre and post-event consumption. The INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE recently changed its position on cannabis use and testing. Former and current NFL and NHL players, who are using cannabis for treating injuries and as an endurance aid, are also advocating for policy change.

As you can see the lazy stoner stereotype is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With education and intentional consumption, cannabis can be motivation to move. Leave a comment below on how you use cannabis in your exercise regime!

Disclosure: The information shared in this post is a personal experience and not to be considered medical or legal advice. Please consult with a health practitioner and seek legal counsel on the cannabis laws in your area.


Source: 6 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Part of My Exercise Routine

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